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In this article, you can calculate your Zerodha Brokerage and know exact Zerodha Brokerage Charges for free.


Zerodha Calculator

We all know whenever we initiate trading or buy some stocks for a long term, we always think how much would our broker charge for the current transaction?

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Zerodha Calculator helps you find the exact brokerage charges which shall be levied upon your buy or sell transaction. Brokerage is a fee charged by the broker.

Here, just like Zerodha, any broker is an entity which facilitates buying and selling of financial instruments for traders or investors. This entity is a link between the traders/investors and the stock markets.


That is why, in order to buy or sell securities you need a broker who will charge a fee called brokerage for acting as a link between you and the stock exchange.

Some brokers charge brokerage on a percentage basis meaning some percent of the transaction value whereas others charge a flat rate of brokerage say Rs 20 per executed order.

In this article, let us understand more about Zerodha Charges and Zerodha Calculator.

Zerodha Brokerage Calculator for Equity Intraday

Zerodha Brokerage Calculator for Equity Delivery

Zerodha Brokerage Calculator for F&O Futures

Zerodha brokerage Calculator for F&O Options

Zerodha Brokerage Charges

Zerodha is one among the best brokers available in market today. It is also one of the largest discount broker as it launched with low brokerage concept in India. It has a robust online platform – website and mobile app as well – really powerful and totally transparent while you trade.

Zerodha as of August 2020 is offering no brokerage at all for equity delivery and investments for direct mutual fund. Therefore, a lot can be saved using Zerodha as your broker.

Even for my personal trading sessions, I prefer Zerodha as it is one of the biggest stock brokers in India and is perfect for traders and investors looking for low brokerage, easy interface and a reliable trading platform.

Zerodha has proved to be the best in the market with many positive responses which is why it has acquired the maximum number of clients.

The Online Zerodha account opening charges are:

  1. Trading & Demat accounts – INR 200
  2. Commodity account – INR 100
Source: Zerodha

If you choose to open an account offline, you will be charged Rs 300 additionally, however the online process is very simple to follow.

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Zerodha Brokerage Calculator

The Zerodha Brokerage Calculator tells you the exact charges(brokerage plus taxes) even before you decide to make a trade.

The Zerodha brokerage calc makes it quite easy to calculate charges. The Zerodha brokerage cal lets you know not only the cost incurred in brokerage but other charges like Stamp duties by different states of India, STT(Securities and Transaction tax), GST(Goods and services Tax) and SEBI turnover fees.

Please note, these charges can be on the higher side if you take too much leverage from Zerodha and do multiple trades during a single session thereby lowering down your profits.

So when you buy a stock from Zerodha, you can see its summary in your account like below:


To view exact summary, click on the stock name and you can will be able to see summary like below:


You can also view your Tradebook from past dates like below:


Once you enter the dates, you will see summary of your trades like below:


How to Open Zerodha Account – Click Here

Zerodha Brokerage Cal – Equity Delivery

In Delivery trading, the positions in your demat account are held for more than one trading day.

The brokerage calculator Zerodha is used to calculate the brokerage and other charges on the delivery trades.

The brokerage itself is nil with Zerodha on the delivery trades. Although, miscellaneous charges like STT are much higher as compared to Intraday trades.

The calculator also gives a detailed list of all the charges on the NSE and BSE exchanges.


Steps to check Zerodha Brokerage

  1. Step 1: Choose the stock for which you wish to check brokerage.
  1. Step 2: Select -> Reports from top menu and click on P&L option. In case you want to see the reports from previous dates, you can go to Reports and select the dates like shown below –
Click on P&L to view brokerage charged
  1. Step 3: View the P&L, Brokerage charges and new realised P&L summary
Here you can see the brokerage charged for my delivery / CNC trade
  1. Step 4: Finally, click on Charges to see your Brokerage, GST Charges, Stamp Duty and Transaction charges involved.
CHere, you can see the brokerage charged

Here you can see since it was delivery, the brokerage was charged minimal.

Zerodha Intraday Brokerage Charges

Intraday trading involves buying shares and squaring off the position on the same day.

There is a cap on the maximum brokerage to be paid irrespective of the trade value or number of shares you’re trading in. The Zerodha Intraday brokerage charges are capped at Rs. 20 per trade.

The brokerage is either 0.01% of the total trade value or Rs. 20, whichever is lower.

This means for a single trade when you buy, you pay maximum INR 20 and for selling maximum INR 20, totalling a maximum brokerage of INR 40 only. (see table below)

Zerodha Brokerage Calc – Equity Futures

The Brokerage charges for equity futures are the same as that of equity intraday trading. Although, the STT and other charges vary. (see table below)

Zerodha Brokerage Charges – Equity Options

Similarly, Options trading have charges and brokerage as well. The Zerodha Brokerage Calculator will show a constant Rs. 20 charge, for whatsoever cost you would deal the shares at.

Zerodha Brokerage Charges – Equity

Source: Zerodha

Zerodha Brokerage Charges – Currency Futures

Currency trading can be really profitable in respect to the Forex. This segment also has a brokerage charge marked to it which is again Rs.20 per trade as calculated by the Zerodha Currency Option Brokerage Calculator. (see table below)

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Zerodha Brokerage Charges – Currency Options

The charge for this segment is a fixed rate of Rs.20 per Trade. You also need to pay Rs.20 on the overall turnover for each and every trade. All the distinctive charges are summarized in the Zerodha Currency Brokerage Calculator.

Source: Zerodha

Zerodha Commodity Brokerage – Futures

Two types of turnover charges namely Agri and Non-Agri are involved in Commodity Trading by SEBI along with other miscellaneous charges.

The Zerodha Commodity brokerage charge is fixed at Rs.20 per transaction.

Zerodha Brokerage Calculator would calculate the same fixed charge, irrespective of the amount at which you trade the shares and the quantity of shares you sell.

Zerodha Brokerage Charges – Commodity Options

Except CTT(Commodities Transaction Tax), all other charges are the same as Commodity Futures.


You can calculate the brokerage charges easily at above calculators shared

Zerodha Brokerage Calculator FAQs

Is Zerodha really free?

No, Zerodha is not free. Zerodha as on June 2020 is offering no brokerage for equity delivery trading. But it does charges brokerage fee of INR 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per executed order for trading in MIS Intraday and F&O for Equity, Currency and Commodity scripts.

What is Zerodha demat account?

A Zerodha demat account can be considered as your online account through which you can hold financial securities such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds online. The demat account in this case serves itself as an online platform for trading shares 100% paperless. Any customer indirectly opens his account with CDSL via Zerodha, who holds the demat account.

Is Zerodha best?

Zerodha is one among the top brokers in India today charging minimal brokerage on intraday and Zero brokerage on Equity delivery. Its online website is also smooth and easy to perform actions while mobile app gets loaded quickly on any 3G/4G handsets and tablet devices.

Zerodha Brokerage Calculator - Calculate Zerodha Brokerage Charges
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