How to buy a car insurance online in India?

Many people wonder how to get a car insurance for the first time at the time they finalize their car or just before buying a car. However, buying a car insurance online in India has become quite simple these days. In the era of digitization there are numerous insurance companies who will insure your vehicle online within 5 minutes! You may buy a car insurance from 4 different sources:

  1. Insurance Agent

    This guy represents an Insurance company and would offer you several policies of a single company. However, as other companies might offer you better policies at lower prices, its not always recommended to buy an insurance policy through these agents. You can go with the agents in case you have finalised the company or the policy and the known agent is a trusted source who will help you out with his support in case of availing claims

  2. Insurance Dealers

    These are generally used car sellers who have tie ups with insurance providers. These people will most of the time bundle up insurance policies along with the cars they sell. As a customer, if you are purchasing a car from them, this option goes well for you as they will take care of the paper work involved and the process will be hassle free. Although, it is recommended you go and search online with the best plans available.

  3. Insurance Brokers

    These are certified people who may pitch you policies from multiple insurance providers. Such people might help you select the best policy available from several providers.

  4. Insurance Company

    These are the companies offering you their plans on their websites. You may buy the plan directly without any intermediary. Of course as the policies belong to a single company, you won’t be able to compare with the other options available for your car.

You should take the above mentioned car insurance important points in mind while buying a new car insurance. Connecting to the right person who offers you the best policy as per requirement gets you half the job done!