5 Important Tips Before You Apply For Car Insurance Claim

In case of any damage when you raise a claim against your existing car insurance policy online, it is known as Car insurance online claim.

To make a claim you can contact insurance companies’ toll free numbers and the company’s claim team would help you get your car insurance claims settled at the earliest. The insurance company’s executives would get in touch with you to help you with your claims.

Alternatively, you can get your claims settled through your broker as well in case you have purchased the policy through them.

Hence, overall, a car insurance claim occurs in case of theft of the car, third party liability or if your own car is damaged.

car insurance claim

Car Insurance Claim FAQs

When can an auto insurance company deny your accident claims?

There are various cases in which an auto insurance company can deny your claim.
If you make a claim for an excluded coverage, the claim would be denied. If you do not follow the claim process properly and do not submit the required documents, the car insurance claim can be denied by the insurance company.

Also note that the any fraudulent claim is always denied by the insurance company basis their expertise of their teams.

Moreover, if your policy has expired and you did not renew it, any claims made on the policy would straight away denied as the insurance company did not receive premiums for your car insurance policy on time.

What are the documents that are required to be submitted for a Motor Insurance claim?

At the time of raising claim for your car insurance, you would have to submit the claim form detailing the details, copy of the driving license, copy of the RC book of the car, policy document, police FIR in case of third party and theft claims, original bills of repairs and your identity proof.

Additionally, the insurance company might require some more documents depending on the claim and such documents should also be submitted. For instance, in case of theft, a non-traceable certificate issued by the police would be required.

Similarly, in case of third party claims, the court order would be required to get claim settlements. Hence, you should submit the required documents asked by the Insurance Company so that your claim gets settled at the earliest.

Will my No Claim Bonus get migrated if I want to change my insurance company?

Yes, if you wish to change your insurance firm and port your car insurance policy to another insurer, no claim bonus can be transferred to another insurer’s car insurance policy and you can use it to avail a premium discount.

If you looking for a reliable firm to migrate your no claim bonus, connect with Policystar. Policystar offers different individuals with all types of support services.

It would assist you in availing no claim bonus transferred on event of any change in your insurance company.

What happens when I wish to renew my expired policy?

In case your existing policy has expired, there is no other option to get it renewed outside of coverage period. Almost all the companies in this case would go for vehicle inspection in such cases before issuing you the new renewed policy.

When you request for renewal, the insurance company would send its executive to inspect your vehicle. The executive would inspect and submit his/her report to the company.

Once the inspection report is approved, the insurance company would allow you to renew your policy. You would have to pay the renewal premium before or after this proces depending upon the insurance company’s terms and conditions.

Policystar offers you detailed steps to follow fors such cases to renew car insurance policy online through either insurance company or any brokers’ website.

You can then provide the details of your car and the existing policy. The insurance company with which you wish to renew your expired policy would get your vehicle inspected and the policy would be renewed instantly.

What are the types of events or losses not covered under Car Insurance?

There are certain losses and events which are excluded under a car insurance policy. These include damages incurred while driving without a valid driver’s license, driving beyond the Indian territorial boundaries or driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

In addition to this, on non-compliance with the prescibed limits or involvement of the car in any criminal activities, any subsequent losses would not be covered.

Also, intentional damages, consequential losses and damages due to war, nuclear perils, depreciation, normal wear and tear, mechanical or electrical breakdowns, etc. are also not included under car insurance plans.