Top 3 reasons to compare car insurance plans online

To get the best possible available offer, you should always aim at getting maximum policy cover with minimum payable premium amount. We are listing down top 3 reasons for third party car insurance price comparison along with a simple example which will help you in comparing the available options in the market.

  1. Spend money wisely

    • Comparing policy gives you an idea what all other benefits other companies are providing
    • Finalize the benefits and judge whether the additional money spend by you is worth or not
    • All most all the policies will be at similar prices but still even if you save a single rupee, its worth it.
  2. Get the right Coverage

    • Checking the coverage becomes most important factor while purchasing. Read carefully what does a particular benefit cover and what not. It may be possible that other insurance companies are covering benefits to a larger extent as compare to the plan what you would have kept in mind for purchase.
    • This makes you sure that in case, in the time of claim settlement, you would have bought the best possible plan possible for you within your budget.
  3. Know what is being Not Covered

    • When you compare certain number of plans, you might see different offerings within similar pricing. You should always purchase plan which suits your requirement the most.

Example: If you are looking to buy car insurance for Maruti Swift and you wish to go ahead with a Comprehensive Cover, you will find different companies quoting different pricing.   Car Insurance Price Comparison   In above scenario,

  1. You may see the cost of premium increases if the IDV value increased. IDV in this case would be the maximum amount you can claim from the insurance provider in case your car goes missing/ theft or in case of maximum loss.
  2. Zero Depreciation Add on will cover the depreciation cost on your car. You may or may not go for it
  3. If you search more, you will find other services like 24*7 Roadside Assistance added to few plans, including how many garages would offer Cashless Repair of your Car. This option proves to be a good choice among users as they do not have to go through the hassle of paying money first and then following up with insurance company executives for reimbursement of claim amount
  4. These days, many car insurance providers have started giving discounts to car owners who have ARAI certified Anti-Theft Devices installed in their cars. In cases like this, if your car goes missing, it is always recommended. Such Anti – Theft GPS enabled devices cost around INR 1,000 in Indian market.

The ultimate goal of selecting a plan post comparison should be to finalize a plan which costs less with more coverage as per your requirement.