7 Quick Tips To Renew Car Insurance Policy Online

When the coverage duration of existing car insurance policy is about to end, you should get your policy renewed.

There is a due date mentioned in the car insurance policy which specifies the date up to which the coverage would be available. You should renew your car insurance policy within this due date to avoid lapse.

You can get details about motor insurance policies available on policystar for research and get it renewed from online portal of any broker or web aggregator or insurance company which is quick and easy and helps you avoid policy lapse.

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Renew Car Insurance FAQs

What should I do if my previous policy has already expired?

You can still get your plan renewed even if in case your existing car insurance policy is expired. However, in such cases, an inspection is done by the insurance company before the policy is renewed.

You should, therefore, ask the insurance company to visit you for inspection of the car. Once the inspection is done, the renewal can be approved based upon certain conditions laid down by the insurer.

Thereafter you would have to pay the renewal premium specified by the insurance company and renew your policy. Various brokers and aggregators also allow you to renew a lapsed policy online.

You can visit their website, then, fill up the online proposal form and arrange for an inspection of the car. Once the car is inspected you can pay the premium online and get your policy renewed.

You can also get your ongoing policy renewed through them. When you apply for renewal sometimes the company can arrange for an inspection of the vehicle or may be not also so that the policy is renewed easily and within the shortest possible time.

What is break-in-insurance? What should I do if I have a break-in-insurance?

When an existing car insurance policy gets lapsed and then the policy is renewed, it is known as break in car insurance policy.

As the policy lapses the coverage also stops. Then later, when the policy is renewed, the coverage resumes. This period of lapse is known as the break in coverage and actually this break is a legal offence.

If you drive your car when the insurance coverage is lapsed, you can face legal consequences if you are caught. Hence, you should always avoid a break in insurance and renew your car insurance plan regularly within the due date or policy expiry date.

However, if there is a break, get your policy renewed at the earliest so that the coverage can resume at the earliest.

Is it possible to opt for the cover I initially did not have?

Definitely, yes you can get the additional covers which you did not purchase while buying the car insurance policy initially.

This addition of cover is generally allowed when you renew your car insurance plan. At that time you can add the cover, pay the subsequent premium and renew the policy.

To opt for the cover, visit policystar and know about various add-ons under different car insurance plans available. You can compare the available policies, the add-ons offered and the rate of each add-on and then choose the policy and the add-ons as per your requirement from any insurance company website.

Can I opt for covers online at the time of renewal?

Yes, there are various optional add-ons available when you renew the policy. To opt for add-ons, visit policystar and research about the different add-ons available under different policies.

You can Compare the policies online also on their coverage benefits and premium rates, select the add-ons you require, and proceed with the payment of renewal premium of policy. Your policy should be renewed instantly.

Can I opt of covers at times other than renewals?

Generally, you are allowed to select add on covers during the time of renewals only. Inclusion of covers mid term is not allowed under car insurance plans as the premium changes.

However, you can research on policystar to find out whether mid-term inclusions are allowed under its car insurance policy or not.

You can also get in touch with Insurance company toll free nos, hopefully they should be able to let you know if adding add on covers is allowed in their plans or not aside the renewal period.

I have lost the insurance policy. Can I get a duplicate one?

Definitely yes, it is possible to get a duplicate of your original insurance policy if you have lost the original one.

To get a duplicate policy you can contact the insurance company or the broker from whom you would have purchased the policy and they shall help you obtain a duplicate policy copy.

Alternatively, you can send a request in writing via email to the insurance company to issue you a duplicate. A fee could be charged by the insurance company for providing you the duplicate car insurance policy copy.

What happens to my No Claim Bonus while renewing an expired policy?

Usually in all such cases where an existing policy gets expired, the accumulated no claim bonus is retained till 90 days.

If you renew your expired policy within these 90 days, your no claim bonus would be used to allow you a discount in the renewal premium.

However, in case if you do not renew the policy within 90 days of expiry, the entire accumulated no claim bonus goes lost and becomes zero.

Thereafter, on renewal you would not be able to avail a premium discount. Moreover, the no claim bonus on the new renewed policy would start afresh.

Hence it is always advisable to renew your car insurance policy within the expiry period.