GST Search By Name – Know How to Search GSTIN Number of Firm, Company


While doing business several times we come across a situation where in we would have to search and validate GST Number of an Individual or a Company before we raise invoice.

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For this, let us first understand the basics of GST which will help you confirm your details.

GSTIN Full Form

GSTIN is expanded as Goods and Services Identification Number.

This number is provided to every Taxpayer who has successfully registered for Goods and Services Tax. GSTIN is different for every individual.

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GST Search by Name – By GST Number Format

This is very important. Many times a supplier would provide you incorrect GST no which may have less number of digits or digits which may not correspond to his/her business at all. This way the supplier can easily cheat you by taking extra GST amount from you while you would proceed for claiming GST Input Credit and eventually end up getting notice from Government. So, lets understand how a GST number is formed.

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Goods and Services Tax Identification Number is of fifteen characters.

These 15 digits of GST Identification Number contain information about your PAN, the state of business, check sum digit, entity number for the same PAN in state and default alphabets.

You will be able to understand better about the GST number format with the help of the given GST Identification Number example.

  1. First two digits of the number represent the state where the business is conducted.
    In the example cited above, 22 is the state code. The state code ranges from 01 to 38.
  2. Next ten digits are taken from the Permanent Account Number of the business or the Taxpayer.
  3. Third, fourth and fifth characters of GSTIN are always alphabets from any of the 26 alphabets.
  4. Sixth character is also an alphabet. However, this alphabet represents the type of Taxpayer. Ten alphabets can be placed at this place.
AlphabetsType of Taxpayer
AThis alphabet represents a taxpayer who is related to Association of People (AOP)
TThis represents a taxpayer who is related to trusts. They are different from the taxpayers who are related to the Association of People.
BThe taxpayers related to the  Body of Individuals (BOI) are denoted by letter ‘B’.
PThe person who is the owner of a business or individual or proprietor is represented by the letter ‘P’.
CThis alphabet represents a company.
JLetter ‘J’ is used to represent an artificial juridical person.
LThe taxpayer who belongs to local authority is represented by the letter ‘L’.
FA firm is denoted by the letter ‘F’.
HPerson belonging to Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) is represented by the letter ‘H’.
GThe taxpayer related to the government is represented by the letter ‘G’.
Different alphabets denoting various types of Taxpayers
  1. Seventh character of the Goods and Services Tax number denotes the first letter of the surname of the Taxpayer.
    For example, if the name of the Taxpayer is Rajeev Verma, then the letter ‘V’ will be the seventh character.
  2. Eight, ninth, tenth and eleventh characters are random numbers.
  1. Twelfth character represents the checksum of the Permanent Account Number. This character is also an alphabet.
  2. Thirteenth character represents the number of different branches of the business in the same state.
    This represents the entity number of the same PAN in a state.
  3. Fourteenth character of the GSTIN is set as letter ‘Z’ by default.
  4. Fifteenth character of the GSTIN is the checksum digit. It is calculated by using details of fourteen digits.
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How to GST Number Search by Name

Every State and Union Territory issues a list which contains details about Taxpayers. Taxpayers can search their GSTIN with the help of the list that is issued by their respective business states. But there is lack of clarity on this and no particular timelines on such list releases.

Officially, you can not search Goods and Services Tax Identification Number by the means of name of the business or its registered company name.

For searching your GST by name, you should visit official GST website ONLY. At present there are only 2 methods to search a Tax Payer

  1. By GSTIN Number
  2. By PAN Number

However, you will find many websites returning random GST Numbers when you enter company name on their websites.


I recommend you to check with official website only and enter the PAN no or GSTIN no of the company. There is NO way to get the GST No in return by entering a name.

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Must Dos For Validating a GSTIN

Before searching GSTIN by name, you need to pay attention to some important things. These things are listed below-

  1. You have to enter the GSTIN Number of the company to fetch the exact name of the company.
  2. For prompt results, you can enter PAN as well in case you don’t remember the full GSTIN Number.
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Benefits of having GSTIN

Goods and Services Tax Identification Number is to be presented almost everywhere while conducting business.

Additionally, the various benefits of having GSTIN are as follows-

  1. Goods and Services Identification Number is considered as a proof of clean business.
    Businesses which are registered for the Goods and Services Tax are prefered over other competitors.
  2. GST Identification Number helps you to conduct business in different states. The Taxpayer possessing GSTIN can transfer their goods easily from one state to the other.
    They don’t have to take permissions for transportation at different levels.
  3. The Taxpayers can easily run their E-commerce Business. If you possess a GST Identification Number, you will be able to transfer your goods without any problem.
  4. If you have the GST Identification Number, you can also acquire benefits of ITC. Tax that you pay while purchasing goods will get credited back to you.
  5. The Taxpayers have to issue Tax invoices to their customers and dealers.
    Issuing Tax Invoice and filing returns become a lot more easier by using GST Identification Number.
  6. If you avail Goods and Services Tax Identification Number of the composition scheme, then you will be able to also undertake the benefits of paying tax according to your income.
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Problems Related to GSTIN

GSTIN was designed to make the tax collection and submission easier but some people are misusing Goods and Services Tax Identification Number.

Some people are using fake GSTIN or GSTIN’s of other people for issuing tax invoices.

They mention GSTIN fabricated by them in the bills that they provide to their dealers and customers. Layman may get trapped in devious policies. You need to pay special attention to the GSTIN provided by your dealers.


Every person must verify the Goods and Services Tax Identification Number of their dealers and customers before doing any business. Verification process is very easy and it takes no time to verify the GSTIN.

You can verify the details by using either the Permanent Account Number or by GST Unique Identification Number.

As I said above, if the dealer related to the Taxpayer provides incorrect GSTIN, then the taxpayer may encounter trouble in receiving input tax credit.

The Taxpayer may find difficulty in submitting returns because of incorrect GSTIN that is provided by his customers.

So, dealing with those people who don’t have their GSTIN or the one who is providing you fake GSTIN may lead you to unforeseen circumstances.

The Taxpayers and Business Dealers must use the GST Validator for verifying GSTIN of people you deal with.

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Contact Details for Filing Complaint

If you come across a person who is using the GST Identification Number of any other person for filing their invoices or the one who is using a fake GST Identification Number on their bills, then you must share the information about this with the concerned authorities.

Strict actions is taken against such people after proper investigation. You can file a complaint against such people on the details given below-

  1. Email at : If you are eager to file a complaint against a fraud in written manner then you can mail detailed information at [email protected].
  2. Call at : If you are willing to file a complaint on call which is considered as an easier process then you can call at +91-124-468-8999 or call at +91-120-488-8999.
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You can assist the supplier to apply for a GST Number in case he doesn’t have it. You can get a GST Number only after successfully registering yourself on the website of GST. All the taxpayers who are eligible for registration must necessarily do it.

  1. Go to the official website of GST and click on the ‘Services’ option.
  1. Select ‘Registration’ and go to the ‘New Registration’ tab.
  1. Enter and submit all the details required and then login with the temporary reference number.
  1. Enter your business details and submit your application form.

In this way, you can get registered and will receive your GST Registration certificate within seven working days of registration.

Your GST registration certificate will contain your GSTIN or GST number. This certificate can be downloaded after logging in to your account.

  1. Download GST certificate by going to
  1. Login in to your account and then go to the ‘User services’ option under the ‘Services’ tab.
  1. Click on the ‘View/Download’ option and then press on the Download symbol.

In this way, you can get your Goods and Services Tax Identification Number.

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How to check GST number?

Once applied, again you need to cross check it so that there are no further errors. Lack of furnishing official details may end up losing reputation in market and hence loss of business. You can check a GST number of any user by using the official website of Goods and Services Tax.


You can do so by using the Permanent Account Number of the Taxpayer, composition scheme details and by using GSTIN or UIN.

  1. Go to the website of GST.
  1. After reaching the official portal, click on the ‘Search Taxpayer’ option which will be located on the menu bar.
  1. Three options will be displayed on your screen. You have to choose the suitable option between ‘Search by PAN’, ‘Search by GSTIN/UIN’ and ‘Search composition taxpayer’.
  1. Enter the details of the field you selected. Click on the ‘Search’ option. Results will be displayed on your screen. In this way you can check your GST number.
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GST Search by Name FAQs

What is GST in simple words?

Goods and Services Tax is abbreviated as GST. In simple words we can say, it is the tax that is applied over the goods that are produced and sold throughout the country.
This is also the tax which is applied to services that are being supplied throughout the country.
It is a system of taxation in which the same tax rate is applied to the goods and services supplied in different parts of the country.
Some of the goods and services are also exempted from tax.
This tax system promotes clean taxation and uniformity of the tax rates.
Special scheme of taxation is available for the taxpayers who have small businesses and face problems in paying tax due to low income.

How can I get a company’s address from GSTIN?

If you are not registered for GST, you can not get any company’s address from the GSTIN provided to you.
You can not get complete details about the address. You can only find out the state in which the company is located.
You can only get information about when the company got registered for GST, what is the authorized name of the company, details of the permanent account number registered by the company and the date of submission of last return.
But if you are registered for GST then you can find the complete address of the company associated with GSTIN.

1. Go to the official portal of GST.
2. Login in to your account by entering your username and password. Enter the captcha in the space provided.
3. Then go to the ‘Search Taxpayer’ tab and choose the ‘Search by GSTIN’ option.
4. Enter Goods and Services Tax Identification Number. Enter captcha and click on ‘Search’.
5. Details related to that GSTIN will be displayed.
6. You have to click on the ‘Place of Business’ option.
7. Complete address details will appear on the screen. In this way you can find the company’s address from GSTIN.

Is ARN and GST number the same?

No, ARN and GST numbers are two entirely different things.
ARN is expanded as Application Reference Number. GST number is called GSTIN.
Expanded form of GSTIN is goods and services tax identification number.
ARN is a unique number which is generated after every transaction on the official portal of GST while GSTIN is a unique number which remains the same for all the transactions that are made by the same account.
GSTIN can be used as proof of being registered for Goods and Services Tax in business deals but ARN is for use of the account holder only and it is not to be presented as proof of being registered.
Application Reference Number is not permanent but the Goods and Services Tax Identification Number is permanent for an account.

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