Max Bupa Health Insurance


Max Bupa Health Insurance Company is a 51:49 joint venture between Max India Ltd. and Bupa Finance Plc. which is a top UK based health company. Max Bupa, one of the 24 Health Insurance companies in India, has been offering Health Insurance products from more than 10 years and is based out of Delhi.

Max Bupa has a large variety of plans in health segment which are being covered by more than 4,400 leading hospitals in India. They offer their plans by ensuring medical checkups and provide cashless facilities to their customers during hospitalization.

Max Bupa Health Insurance Customer Care

Max Bupa customer care email id: [email protected]

Max Bupa Toll Free no: 1860 3010 3333

11 Reasons to buy Max Bupa Health Insurance plans

Nowadays, it has become exceedingly vital to invest in a suitable health insurance.

Considering the rise in medical and treatment cost, it has emerged as a basic requirement to secure yourself and your family from hampering future financial liability.

Health insurance plan becomes more crucial for those who are the only breadwinner in their family. The family of the insured is provided with adequate financial assistance by the health insurance plan in case of any mishap. The benefits of health insurance plans are as follows:

  1. Cashless Treatment- Various networks of hospitals are connected with health insurance companies. In case if you opt to get treated at one of these networking hospitals, then you can avail cashless treatment and the expenses incurred will be paid to the hospital directly by your insurance provider.
  2. Financial Relief – Medical expenses nowadays have become quite expensive to afford, causing great financial strain on your pocket. Additionally, medical inflation is continuously increasing which is making the treatments even more expensive. Considering these high treatment costs, affording medical assistance can prove to be challenging in case of a medical contingency. Health insurance plan can provide great financial relief by protecting your savings from being spent on medical treatments by covering the medical bills.
  3. Quality healthcare – You can opt to avail a quality healthcare in a situation of medical contingency as your medical costs are taken care of by the health insurance plan. Hence, you can afford quality healthcare without bothering about having inadequate savings.
  4. Medical Check-up – The insurer is also provided with free medical checkups by most of the insurance companies under their health insurance plans.
  5. Pre and Post Hospitalisation Cost – Your health insurance plan will also cover your pre and post hospitalisation charges that might incur during your medical treatment if the type of health insurance plan brought by you covers so. Although, this coverage is provided for up to a specified period of time.
  6. Ambulance and Transportation Charges – Health insurance plans also include ambulance expenses.
  7. Room Rent – If an individual is admitted to the hospital for any medical treatment caused by an injury, illness or accident, the health insurance policy offers complete coverage for the insured, involving the costing of their room expenses.
  8. No-Claim Bonus – A no-claim bonus is a benefit which can be availed if there is no claim made in a given policy year. Such bonus would either provide a discount on the payable premium amount at the time of renewal of your health plan or would give an increase to your coverage amount. This feature, therefore, promises a benefit under the health plan even when no claims are made.
  9. Coverage for the whole family – In this feature, health insurance companies offer umbrella coverage for all the family members under a single policy, known as the family floater insurance policy. This ensures that you don’t face any financial strain when you or any member of the family falls sick or is injured and requires medical assistance.
  10. Different types of plans – There are different categories of health insurance plans. These types ensure that the coverage needs of all individuals are looked after and you do not suffer any financial burden in any sort of medical emergency.
  11. Tax benefit – One of the major perks involved while availing a health insurance plan is acquiring tax benefits. The premiums paid by you towards the health insurance plan are allowed as deduction under section 80D of the Income Tax Act. It is permitted to make a claim for deduction of up to INR 1 lakh by paying premiums for a health insurance policy taken for yourself, your family and even for your parents.

Max Bupa Health Insurance FAQs

⭐ Is buying Max Bupa Health Insurance Online better

While hunting a health insurance plan online on an insurance aggregator platform, you get to comprehend and compare from the various available policies in the market. This differentiation ensures that you opt a plan which offers a well suited and highly inclusive coverage benefits at the most competitive rate of premium. Moreover, in today’s world buying online has become a distinctly simpler and convenient course of action.
While choosing an online portal to seek health insurance online, you can distinguish amongst the vast variety of options and buy the most appropriate policy within a few clicks of the mouse. Given these benefits, it becomes worthwhile and fruitful to buy health insurance online.
Policystar is an online platform which allows you to find information regarding an apt health insurance online after examining various efficient policies available in the market. While planning to invest in a health insurance policy, you can research about different plans and hence discover the most suitable choice easily over Policystar’s platform.

⭐ Can I buy more than one Health Insurance Plan

Yes, you can buy numerous health insurance plans as per your prerequisite requirement to increase your coverage level.
However, while buying multiple health insurance policies, inform the insurance company of your existing plans for full disclosure.

⭐ What is Premium in Max Bupa Health Insurance

The premium in a health insurance policy is the overall deposit of money which you are demanded to pay to buy the coverage.
The premium is build upon the sum insurance chosen, your age, medical history, number of family members covered, policy discounts availability, etc.

⭐ What is Max Bupa Health Insurance Policy Number

The unique number allotted by the insurance company to the insured for identifying the details is its health insurance policy number.
The number is used by the company to find out the associated coverage details offered to the policyholder.
You can find the health insurance policy number on your policy document. The number is required to renew the plan or to make a claim on it.

⭐ What is Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

While determining your health insurance company, it is vital to brainstorm and research about its claim ratio. It represents the possibility of how likely your claim is going to be settled.
A high ratio is beneficial as it depicts that the insurance company settles most of the claims made upon it. Thus, while comparing between various health insurance companies, you should notably check and differentiate between their claim settlement ratio.
The claim settlement ratio is calculated by dividing the number of claims settled by the insurance company in one year against the total number of claims that were made.
This ratio is expressed as a percentage and the higher the percentage, the advantageous the company would be. So, make sure to always compare and then select a company with the highest claim settlement ratio.
Policystar provides information about the leading health insurance companies which have a substantially high claim settlement ratio and settling their claims at the earliest.
You can, therefore, comprehend about the health insurance companies on Policystar and find a company which has the most suitable health insurance coverage as per your requirements with a great claim settlement ratio to avail your claim at the earliest.