Child Plan

What is a Child Investment Plan?

A plan with the aim of investment for child is mainly focused on protecting your child’s future in case you are not there. By paying monthly/annually premiums you definitely can secure your child’s future as they might require money for their higher studies, marriage etc.

Some of the popular child investment plans are:

  1. Max Life Shiksha Plus Plan
  2. Aviva Young Scholar Advantage Plan
  3. Metlife College Plan
  4. SBI Life Smart Scholar Plan
  5. Bajaj Allianz Young Assurance Plan

Generally, child insurance plans offer relatively lesser returns as the portion of the premium invested is quite less – as compared to normal ULIPs. Additionally, there are premiu allocation charges as well which are deducted.

In case you wish to withdraw money in between the vesting period, you can in case the child in hospitalized or any other medical condition. The most important part which comes along with the plan is protection from uncertainties.

With right comparison among the features of the child plans provided by various companies and the charges being deducted, everyone is recommended to buy a child policy.