LIC Life Insurance Corporation

Life Insurance Corporation of India today, is the oldest insurance company in India founded on 1st Sept. 1956. From before independence, there used to exists several independent insurance companies. The Parliament of India proposed to merge all such entities into a single one which was names as Life Insurance Corporation. Through this act, all these private companies were nationalized into one single entity. By 2006, LIC along contributed to about 7% of Total India’s GDP.

  • Total Branches: 2,048
  • Zonal offices: 8
  • Satellite Offices: 1,381
  • Agent Base: 13,37,064
  • Broker Base: 98
  • Corporate Agent Base: 242


  • Revenue: INR 6,18,800 crore
  • Income through Investments: INR 1,80,117 crore
  • Current Market Value: INR 21,09,253 crore
  • Market Value Appreciation from 2016: 17.08%

Key Persons at LIC, India

Shri. Vijay Kumar Sharma (Chairman)
Smt. Usha Sangwan (MD)
Shri Hemant Bhargava (MD)
Shri B Venugopal, Managing Director (MD)
Smt. Sunita Sharma, Managing Director (MD)
Smt Sarojini Dikhale (ED & CMO)
Shri Praveen Kumar Molri (CIO)
Shri P.H. Kutumbe (CFO)
Shri V Chandrasekaran (CRO)
Shri. Dinesh Pant (Appointed Actuary)

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