PNB Metlife Insurance

PNB Metlife India Insurance Company Limited started its operations in India in 2001. PNB Metlife is a joint venture between Punjab National Bank, Jammu and Kashmir Bank Limited, M Pallonji and Company Private Limited and Metlife International Holdings LLC (MIHL) etc.

Products offered

  • Endowment plans
  • Money back plans
  • Term plan
  • Child Education plan
  • Retirement plan

Key People

  • Ashish Kumar Srivastava (CEO)
  • Niraj Shah (CFO)
  • P K Dinakar (Appointed Actuary)
  • Sanjay Kumar (CIO)
  • Sarang Cheema (Head Legal)
  • Anjan Bhattacharya (CRO)
  • Vijaya Nene (COO)
  • Tim Braswell (CHO)
  • Khalid Ahmad (CPO)


  • No. of Locations: 115
  • No. of Agents: 10,000+
  • Net Premium Earned: INR 1,176 crore
  • 1st Year Premiums: INR 393 crore
  • Renewals: INR 749 crore
  • Commissions paid: INR 63 crore
  • Claims Paid: INR 57.3 crore
  • Profit after tax: INR 103 crore
  • Total Policies Sold: 2,16,632
  • Highest contributing State: UP with 36,555 policies for 2016-17

Latest news from online sources claim that PNB Metlife has initiated listing work on Stock Exchange. PNB Metlife being the 7th largest insurer in India, has Assets under Management to the tune of INR 16,000 crore and reported Profit after tax @103 INR crore. PNB Metlife today has Market Share @3.5% and income from premiums @INR1,015 crore.

Overall, PNB Metlife Insurance is one of the top insurance providers in India.