CAT 2017: Expected Cut off for scoring above 95 percentile

Finally, the students are relieved from the examination pressure of CAT 2017 and it is over. However, there is a huge rush on the internet to view the analysis and expected cut off of their dream colleges.  It was pretty clear that the Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation section among the three was relatively toughest. As per experts’ analysis, an overall score in the range of 140-145 would get you above the 95 percentile mark. However, the possibility of change in the range persists.

cat 2017 cut off 95 percentile score

  1. CAT 2017 Verbal Ability Analysis:

    1. Total 34 questions.
    2. Can be said moderate.
    3. Reading Comprehensions (RC) were inference based, not so tough.
    4. With 24 RC questions (6 Questions* 4 parts each), an attempt of 4 RCs with 75% accuracy would seem good.
    5. Three summary questions with 4 Para-jumble questions were quite easy.
    6. 25+ Attempts with 80% accuracy would be a good score.
  2. CAT 2017 Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation (LR/DI) Analysis:

    1. Total 32 questions.
    2. Section was relatively tough with high thinking approach in LR and deep DI caselets.
    3. 10+ Attempts with 80% and above accuracy would be a decent range in this section.
    4. This section will prove to be the decider this time.
CAT 2017 expected cutoff
CAT 2017 – High pressure on students to get admission in their dream B-Schools.
  1. CAT 2017 Quantitative Aptitude Analysis

    1. Total 34 questions.
    2. Can be considered the easiest among all three sections.
    3. Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry provided a big plus to this section.
    4. Number System was time-consuming and bit tricky.
    5. 25+ Attempts with an accuracy of 80% would fetch decent score

Overall, 60+ attempts with decent accuracy would fetch good score. The cut-off is expected to rise from the CAT 2016. For non-engineers, easier Quants section will be a big bonus. Even though the main exam of the year is over, but still other important ones remain like IIFT, XAT, TISSNET, MICAT, SNAP.