Best Travel Insurance Companies in India

Financial loss suffered on facing any uncertain circumstances on the trip are provided coverage under Travel Insurance Plans. Such plans provide financial protection for both leisure and business journeys. In this article you will find the best travel insurance companies in India.


Hence, a Travel Insurance Policy protects you from undergoing a financial contingency on a trip, which might otherwise cause a heavy impact on your pockets.

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Types of Travel Insurance Plans

Before you finalise the company from the list of best travel insurance companies from which you will buy your travel insurance, let us understand basic types of travel insurance plans.

Travel Insurance Plans are available in different versions, which means that there are various plans which are based upon the duration of the trips, its destination, the age criteria, the type of the trip taken, etc.

Continue Reading to find out the most suitable kind of Travel Insurance Policy as per your needs and coverage requirements-

  1. International Travel Insurance Plans : Any trip taken overseas, whether for leisure or work, is provided coverage under International Travel Insurance Plans. Such plans can be acquired as destination specific plans like Schengen plans, worldwide including USA and Canada, worldwide excluding USA and Canada, Asia plans, etc. This is covered by mostly all travel insurance companies.
  2. Domestic Travel Insurance Plans : A Domestic Travel Insurance Plan provides coverage for leisure or work trips taken within India.
  3. Senior citizen Travel Insurance Plans : Senior Citizens of or above 60 years of age going on a trip are provided coverage under Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plans.
  4. Student Travel Insurance Plans : There are various travel insurance companies providing insurance for student travel. A Student Travel Insurance Plan offers financial protection to aspiring students who opt to pursue higher education in an International University. Under this plan, coverage is provided to students against specified financial contingencies which might be suffered by them while studying abroad.
  5. Single Trip Policies : As the name suggests, this type of plans offer coverage for a single trip taken by the insured.
  6. Annual Multi-trip Policies : This type of Travel Insurance Plan offers annual coverage for multiple trips taken under it. This means the insured can take a limitless number of trips within the duration of one year of this policy. Annual Multi-trip Policies are most suitable for Frequent Travellers. There are many travel insurance companies providing such facilities.

Best 7 Travel Insurance Companies in India

After understanding about the different types of Travel Insurance Plans available in the market, now let’s talk about the below given list of travel insurance companies which offer some of the topmost plans for travel insurance in India.

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Along with that, this list also specifies the Incurred Claim Ratio (ICR) of the given companies and the offered range of Travel Insurance Policies. the list of best travel insurance companies is mentioned below –

Travel Insurance CompaniesTravel Insurance Plans offeredIncurred Claim Ratio for the financial year 2018-19Salient Features of the Company
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company LimitedIndividual Travel Insurance Plan Family Travel Insurance Policy Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan Student Travel Insurance Plan Corporate Travel Insurance Plan Travel Asia Policy Bharat Bhraman Policy68.6%Offers on-call support, inconsiderate of where you are travelling Provides an opportunity of customise plan benefits as per your coverage needs Bajaj Allianz is known for its quick and convenient settlement of claims
HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company LimitedIndividual Travel Insurance Plan Family Travel Insurance Plan Student Travel Insurance Plan Frequent Flyers Insurance Single Trip International Insurance Multi Trip International Insurance Travel Medical Insurance76.36%Presents a vast range of coverage benefits under its travel insurance plans HDFC Ergo General Insurance serves above 10 million customers in India Gives an option to pay only for the days on which you undertake the trip No medical check-ups are required to buy the Company’s Travel Insurance Plans
Reliance General Insurance Company LimitedInternational Travel Insurance Plan Schengen Travel Insurance Plan Asia Travel Insurance Plan Annual Multi-trip Insurance Plan Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan Student Travel Insurance Plan86%Offers country specific Travel Insurance Plans, allowing it customers to select a policy as per the destination No requirement for undergoing medical check-ups is needed under Reliance General Insurance Provides a facility to instantly purchase a Travel Insurance Plan Online
Future Generali General Insurance Company LimitedSchengen and Worldwide Travel Insurance Policy Overseas Travel Insurance Policy Student Travel Insurance Policy69%Provides simple and uncomplicated procedures of buying Travel Insurance Policies The claim settlement process of Future Generali is quick and effective It offers emergency assistance services to its customers travelling all across the world
Bharti AXA General Insurance Company LimitedSchengen Travel Insurance Plan Worldwide Overseas Travel Insurance Plan (Excluding USA and Canada) Worldwide Overseas Travel Insurance Plan (Including USA and Canada) Asia Travel Insurance Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan Frequent Traveller Travel Insurance Plan89%Offers affordable Travel Insurance Policies Provides coverage to Individuals aged up to 85 years Bharti AXA also offers coverage for home contents under its Travel Insurance Policies
TATA AIG General Insurance Company LimitedTravel Guard Plan Student Guard – Overseas Health Insurance Plan Asia Travel Guard Policy Domestic Travel Guard Policy78%Offers a great variety of Travel Insurance Policies TATA AIG is known for providing great and adequate coverage benefits Provides policies on easily affordable premiums
Religare Health Insurance Company LimitedExplore Student Explore Group Explore55%Religare is known to be  India’s most preferred Travel Insurance Provider Upholds trust of more than 5.38 lakh customers Has been awarded with the Claims Leader of the Year Award, 2018, having an effective claim settlement ratio.
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Travel Insurance Companies FAQs

Can I buy Travel Insurance after starting my trip?

A Travel Insurance Policy can be purchased only before the commencement of the trip. Hence, it is not possible to buy a Travel after starting your trip.

Can I purchase an Insurance Policy for a Single Child Traveller?

Absolutely Yes. All most all travel insurance companies provide this. A Travel Insurance Policy can be purchased for a Single Child Traveller. To find out the most suitable policy for your child, you should research amongst different Travel Policies available online and then opt for the most comprehensive plan with the range of coverage benefits as per your needs and requirements.

Does travel insurance cover Non-Refundable Tickets?

Coverage for Non-Refundable Tickets is provided in case of cancellation, curtailment or postponement of your trip. Your Travel Insurance Companies compensates for the loss suffered by the insured on cancelling the non-refundable tickets.

Can I purchase Flight Insurance?

Yes, you can purchase a Flight Insurance Plan. However, please keep in mind that a Flight Insurance simply covers loss suffered due to cancellation of your flight but it does not provides coverage for any other contingencies which you might face during your trip. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in a Travel Insurance Plan instead, which provides a comprehensive scope of coverage for emergencies faced during travelling and marks better over a flight insurance plan.

Are all my valuables covered under a Luggage Insurance Plan?

Luggage Insurance Plans provide coverage for all your valuables. However, under some plans, fragile valuables are not given coverage in case of breakage, crack or scratching caused during transit but a loss suffered of such fragile valuables due to any other reason is covered.