How to Compare Travel Insurance Plans

Comparing Travel Insurance Plans becomes tricky as there are multiple variants of Travel Insurance Policies which are offered in the market by different Insurance Providers.

Such alternatives have been created to fully meet the diverging needs and coverage requirements of different types of Travel Journeys that people might undertake.


Hence, such policies retain the capability of fulfilling coverage needs of any individual from a child to a senior citizen. hence before buying, you should know how to compare travel insurance plans. Given below is a list of different types of Travel Insurance Plans offered in the market and the kinds of benefits they offer-

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Individual Travel Insurance

In case you are planning to go on a solo international trip, purchasing an Individual Travel Insurance Plan is highly important and recommended.


This is as it offers a great number of further benefits along with providing coverage for general claims such as expenses incurred due to medical emergency, repatriation in case of medical emergency or mortal remains, loss of baggage, delay in flight, flight cancellation, emergency dental expenses due to any accident and any other such benefits. This is the first filter you should select while you compare travel insurance plans.

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Family Floater Travel Insurance

If you are travelling with your entire family, it will be a great choice to invest in a Family Floater Travel Insurance Plan.

Such a plan provides coverage for the family members involving self, spouse, dependent children and dependent parents and provides financial security to the whole family within the sum insured while travelling.

Hence, single premium payments have to be made as there is a single sum insured for all the covered family members.

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Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan is a notable type of Travel Insurance Policy created specifically for senior citizens of and above 61 years of age.

However, the age limit under Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plans might vary as different Insurance Companies may impose different age criteria.

As these plans are particularly designed for senior citizens, they take into consideration the coverage needs and requirements of an elderly person, keeping in mind various factors like age and health risks which are not generally provided coverage under Individual Travel Insurance Policies.

Henceforth, emergency dental treatments and cashless medical treatments are also covered under Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plans along with other general coverage benefits.

All above three set of filters are provided on all most all the broker websites to help you compare travel insurance meaningfully.

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Country Specific Travel Insurance (Asia and Japan)

Select the country you are travelling to as a next step to compare travel insurance plans. Mainly designed for Asia and Japan, Country Specific Travel Insurance Plans are a type of International Travel Insurance Policies formulated as per the specific needs and coverage requirements while travelling to a particular region.

Such plans can be acquired as an individual or a family floater plan. Additionally, on travelling to such destinations, you would find plans like ‘Asia Travel Insurance and ‘Travel Insurance for Japan’.

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Single Trip Insurance Plans

This becomes your third important filter to apply before you start your process to compare travel insurance plan. Trust me, the rates might vary a lot and you may land up in confusion. Single Trip Insurance Plans offer medical and non-medical coverage for one single trip taken by the insured when you plan your international travel insurance plan. The coverage period of this policy starts with the beginning of the insured’s journey and ends with the conclusion of their trip.

Additionally, Single Trip Insurance Plans can be acquired for a domestic or international trip as an individual or family floater plan.

Annual Multi-trip Insurance Plans

This type of Travel Insurance is most suitable for individuals who are frequent travellers. This is because it releases a person from the hassle of purchasing a new policy for each trip and provides equal benefits for every journey taken by the insured.

Such plans can be acquired for a duration of up to one year and are mostly bought by individuals who travel a lot due to business purposes. A frequent traveller can save a huge amount of money by investing in an Annual Multi-Trip Insurance Plan as it is low in cost as compared to Single Trip Travel Insurance Plans.

Compare Travel Insurance Plans FAQs

Does Travel Insurance cover adventure sports?

No, adventure sports are not offered coverage under most of the Travel Insurance Plans. This means that death, illness or injury caused by these activities is not provided coverage under Travel Insurance Plans and no claim is paid in such cases.
Although, some plans do offer coverage for adventure sports which can be acquired either as an inbuilt benefit or as an add-on by paying an additional premium. This is most important point among all travel health insurance policies available.
Hence, in case if you are travelling especially to engage in adventure sports, it is recommended to enquire with your insurance company regarding the availability of coverage benefits for the same, which might also offer it as an add-on benefit.
Therefore, it is important to examine the coverage terms and conditions of travel insurance plans while you compare travel insurance plans.
You should research amongst the companies which offer these benefits to obtain the most suitable and efficient plan as per your coverage needs regarding adventure sports.

What is the age limit to buy Travel Insurance?

In general cases, any individual coming between the age limit of 90 days to 70 years is eligible to get insured under a Travel Insurance Plan.
However, there are other plans which have no limitation on the coverage age and offer coverage to individuals at all ages.
Additionally, senior citizen travel insurance plans provide coverage to senior citizens coming between 61 to 85 years of age. This is one of the top filters to apply while you compare travel insurance policies.
As different plans have different age criteria, it is recommended to verify the age limitation of the plan before considering to purchase it.

Are business travellers eligible to purchase a Travel Insurance policy?

Are business travellers eligible to purchase a Travel Insurance policy?
Absolutely yes. But while you compare travel insurance policies, check applicable taxes too.
It is recommended to all Business Travellers to invest in an Annual Multi-trip Plan in case you happen to travel frequently.
This is because an Annual Multi-trip Plan offers coverage for multiple trips taken within one year. Hence, apart from acquiring a separate plan for each trip, a Business Traveller should simply invest in an Annual Multi-trip Insurance Plan which would provide coverage for all such trips.

Is there any Insurance available for Frequent Travellers?

Yes. An Annual Multi-trip Plan is the most suitable type of Travel Insurance Policy for people who happen to travel frequently.
An Annual Multi-trip Plan provides coverage for one year (365 days) during which the number of trips taken by the insured are provided coverage up to the sum insured. It is a great choice for frequent travellers as a single plan ensures coverage for all the trips taken by the insured in one year. Additionally, having an Annual Multi-trip Plan also releases the frequent travellers from the hassle of purchasing an independent Travel Insurance Policy for each trip. You can also ask for broker discounts in case you travel too frequently and compare travel insurance plans wisely.
These plans also prove to be low in cost as compared to single trip plans.
Hence, you should research in detail about the coverage benefits offered under different Annual Multi-trip Plans and then invest in a policy with maximum coverage benefits as per your requirements.

In case I lose my baggage, how do I claim?

You should get in touch with your Insurance Provider to inform them about the claim as soon as possible on losing your baggage. To do so, you should either call them on their toll-free number or send a written request on their official email address which is mentioned on the policy document itself. Making a travel insurance claim might be tricky sometimes.
Their panel of experts would further assist you by providing guidance for getting your claim settled at the earliest. Alternatively, you can also contact the Partnered Service Providers of your Insurance Company available in the country that you are travelling to.
You will be required to fill a claim form and submit it along with the necessary documents of proof supporting your claim for baggage loss.
Henceforth, the settlement process of your claim would begin after approval on verification of your documents is given by your Insurance Company.

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