What does Travel Insurance Cover | Check Your Travel Insurance Coverage

Individuals opt to invest in Travel Insurance Coverage to safeguard themselves from facing a financial strain on coming across any specified untimely situations while travelling. But one must know what all is included in your travel insurance coverage before you buy.


However, different Travel Insurance Policies impose different inclusions and exclusions depending upon the type of plan that you are purchasing. The extent of coverage duration, amount of coverage offered, etc may vary from plan to plan and from company to company.

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However, we have listed the general inclusions and exclusions given under most of the Travel Insurance coverage for policies to identify which factors are provided coverage under most Travel Insurances and which are not. These are as follows-

What all is Covered under a Travel Insurance Policy

Given below are the common benefits covered under a comprehensive Travel Insurance Plan while you might think about travel insurance coverage –

  1. Medical Emergencies : In case if the insured suffers a medical contingency while travelling, the expenses of his/her hospitalisation and medical treatments are taken care of by their Insurance Provider. This is a primary type of coverage benefit offered under all the Travel Insurance Policies which permits coverage up to the sum insured. Medical Expenses also provide coverage for emergencies like dental treatments taken because of suffering an accident on the trip, expenses of medical repatriation, i.e., if you are sent back to India for continuing the treatment and Ambulance expenses for transporting the insured to and from hospital.
  2. Loss of checked-in Baggage : A compensation amount is paid to the insured individual in case of suffering a loss of checked-in baggage caused completely because of the airline. The claim amount is paid by the Insurance Company to cover up for the loss of the insured’s personal belongings. This is included in travel insurance coverage.
  3. Death or Permanent Disability : Most of the Travel Insurance Coverage provides an estimated coverage benefit amount if the insured suffers permanent disability or death due to an accident while travelling as a passenger. Similarly, many plans also offer such coverage for accidental death or disability suffered while being on the trip which is called Personal Accident Cover.
  4. Personal Liability : If you suffer a third-party liability, which is when you involuntarily cause death or injury to any other individual besides self and your family, it is also provided coverage under Travel Insurance Plans. Hence, your Insurance Provider will pay for the compensation amount to the third-party on your end.
  5. Loss due to delay in flight : If you suffer a loss due to delay in flight caused by the airline, medical emergencies or any of the natural disasters, you will be offered coverage for expenses incurred due to such delay. However, coverage will be provided only after your trip gets delayed for more than the specified duration mentioned in your policy.
  6. Delay of checked-in- Baggage : Coverage is provided under Travel Insurance Policies on undergoing loss due to delay caused in receiving your checked-in-baggage because of the airline. However, this claim can be made only after the delay period has crossed the specified hours of duration as mentioned in the policy.
  7. Loss of Passport : Mostly all plans provide travel insurance coverage to the insured on losing the passport while travelling. Hence, coverage is given for the expenses involved in arranging for a duplicate passport and any other relevant documents so that the insured could return back to India.
  8. Cancellation of Trip : Cancellation of the Trip due to unavoidable circumstances like medical emergencies, unfortunate demise of an immediate family member, occurrence of war or natural calamity at the destination location or other similar reasons are come under travel insurance coverage. The expenses covered involve loss suffered on advance reservations of stay and travel.
  9. Home Insurance : This coverage benefit might be offered as an inclusive or add-on rider, depending upon your Insurance Provider. Under Home Insurance, coverage is provided to the insured in case theft or fire takes place at his/her home while they are away on a trip.
  10. Extension of Trip : Travel Insurance Policies provide coverage in case if the insured has to extend the trip due to unpreventable reasons. Hence, the expenses incurred due to such extension would be taken care of by the insurer.
  11. Hijack Allowance : A daily allowance amount for each day the plane is hijacked is provided under Hijack Allowance to the insured comes under travel insurance coverage. Although, this benefit is provided only after the interruption caused due to hijack touch 12 hours or more than that.
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Travel Insurance Does Not Include

As discussed above, various Travel Insurance Plans have different sets of inclusions and exclusions specified under them.

Apart from the vast range of coverage benefits, there are some factors that are not included under travel insurance coverage for such Policies.

The actual list of exclusions vary from plan to plan but the general exclusions in Travel Insurance Plans are –

  1. Any complications like medical condition suffered by the insured due to a pre-existing medical illness or disease
  2. Medical condition arising due to pregnancy and its expenses suffered thereof. You can purchase travel insurance when pregnant but pregnancy related coverage would not be provided
  3. Any mental disorder and treatments taken for the same
  4. War, mutiny, civil unrest and nuclear perils
  5. Illness, injury or death due to engagement in adventure sports or any other dangerous activity does not come under travel insurance coverage
  6. Involvement in an act of criminal nature
  7. Claims incurred under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  8. Travel Insurance coverage does not include Medical emergencies on travelling against the advice of verified doctor
  9. Expenses of medical treatments if the trip is taken particularly for availing medical treatments abroad
  10. Initiating a claim after expiration of the policy
  11. Claims suffered after conclusion of the trip
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Travel Insurance Coverage FAQs

Are ambulance charges covered under the travel insurance policy?

Absolutely yes. In case of any medical emergency, the expense of shifting the insured to and from the hospital up till the sum insured under a Travel Insurance Plan is provided coverage by most of the travel insurance companies under Ambulance Charges.

Is emergency financial assistance provided under travel insurance?

Most of the Travel Insurance Plans do provide the facility of Emergency Financial Assistance.
Under this, cash assistance is provided in case of loss or delay of checked-in baggage, a loss of wallet or any such emergency suffered by the insured where he/she might require immediate cash assistance.
Hence, to figure out if your Travel Insurance Policy provides coverage for emergency cash advance or not, it is suggested that you should get in touch with your Insurance Provider.
To do so, you can either call on their toll-free number or send a written query to their official email address.

What is the coverage for Home Contents/Home Burglary?

Home contents or burglary insurance is allowed either as an inbuilt benefit or as an add-on benefit under many travel insurance plans.
Under this benefit, coverage is allowed for the contents of the insured’s home against burglary or theft when the insured is away on a trip.