What is Travel Health Insurance?

For Travel health insurance, you can understand it by realising if you face a medical emergency due to an illness, injury or accident while Travelling to a new city or country without knowing a lot about the approach to their system can altogether become a difficult task to deal with.

Henceforth, it is significant to invest in a Travel Health Insurance Plan as then your Insurance Provider which you choose from best travel insurance companies would take care of any such situations and you will also be able to seek professional guidance from them regarding it.


Moreover, in case of hospitalization, you can even opt for a cashless claim settlement, providing that your Insurance Company has Networked Service Providers in the country you are travelling to as making travel insurance claim has become quite easy now a days..


Travel Health Insurance for Germany, USA, Europe or Canada

Travel Health Insurance provides coverage for any emergency treatments of medical conditions caused on the trip. It involves the expenses of medical treatments, hospitalisation, costs of diagnosis and tests, charges for medical evacuation which means moving the insured to a nearest hospital for treatments.

Please keep in mind that any medical emergency caused because of a pre-existing medical condition (involving maternity) suffered by the insured is generally not provided coverage under Overseas Travel Insurance Plans.

Although, to avail coverage for such circumstances, a lot of Insurance Companies offer various add-on benefits like Pre-Existing Illness Cover Add-on, Pregnancy Cover add-on etc in all such travel health insurance plans.

Similarly, coverage is also not provided if the trip is specifically being taken to seek medical treatments or when the insured travels against the medical advice of a certified doctor.

You may travel to USA, or Germany or Europe or Canada, you definitely need a travel medical insurance these days. You may want to look at the best visitor insurance plans in India currently. If the insured is travelling with a minor child and the insured suffers hospitalisation during the course of the trip, many Travel Insurance Policies allow coverage for the return of the minor child if hospitalisation exceeds a specified number of days. Under this benefit, the cost of an economy class air ticket would be covered by the Travel Health Insurance Company so that the minor child can return from the place of the trip to India. Hence, choosing best travel insurance plan becomes tricky.

Additionally, if the hospitalisation of the insured exceeds a specified number of days, a compassionate visit of the family member is also arranged by many Travel Insurance Plans. Under this coverage, the cost of return airfare for the insured’s family member is also covered so that the family member can visit the ailing insured for compassionate support.

However, if the doctors recommend the insured to return back to India to avail further treatments, Medical Repatriation charges of bringing the insured back to India and expenses of treatments suffered on the trip are taken care of.

Costs incurred on both medical evacuation as well as repatriation would be covered provided that such evacuation or repatriation was caused because of an illness or injury suffered during the insured trip.

Concluding, considering the above stated facts related to the need of a International Travel Health Insurance Policy, it is a reasonable decision to plan and invest in one as it not only provides you a great range of benefits, but also lets you seek professional assistance in a country that you might not be completely familiar with.

Travel Health Insurance FAQs

What are pre-existing conditions in Travel Insurance?

A medical illness which is suffered by the proposer since or before the purchase of the Travel Health Insurance Policy is called a pre-existing condition.
The proposer is asked to disclose such pre-existing medical conditions, if any.
No coverage will be provided under the Travel Insurance Plan in case a medical emergency arises on the journey because of a pre-existing condition.

Is pregnancy and complications arising out of it covered under a Travel Insurance Plan?

Generally, pregnancy and other complications related to maternity are not provided coverage under a Travel health Insurance Plan.
However, there are some Travel Insurance Policies which provide coverage in situations of a critical condition of medical emergency while travelling during pregnancy. Here is a complete list of what does your travel insurance cover.
Hence, to identify whether your Insurance Provider is offering coverage for pregnancy or not, it is recommended to go through your policy documents in detail as information regarding the same would be specified in the document itself.

Is medical examination necessary to buy Travel Insurance?

Going through a Medical Examination is not compulsory under every Travel Insurance Policy.
It is subjected to the age of the concerned person, selected amount of sum insured and any pre-existing medical illnesses suffered by that person.
However, if you are very old and select a high coverage policy, such medical examinations would become necessary.
Similarly, in case if you have a medical condition at the time of purchasing the policy, you will have to undergo these medical check-ups initiated by your Insurance Company.
Hence, medical examinations under your Travel Health Insurance are totally dependent on these factors.

Can I buy Travel Medical Insurance for my parents who are over 60 years?

Absolutely. There are many Insurance Companies which offer plans curated especially for Senior Citizens of and above 60 years of age.
A lot of websites online provide a facility to avail recommendations based on your trip details. Hence, you can easily find out a suitable Senior Citizen Plan for your parents by simply entering their travel information on the website.

Is there a cap on the hospital amount per day in travel insurance?

A Travel Insurance Policy Holder is recommended to go through the policy document in detail for identifying any maximum limit imposed on hospitalization charges. This is because some Insurance Providers might put a cap on such expenses.

What are the major exclusions under Medical Expenses in travel insurance?

The treatments taken in India before the commencement of the trip or after returning back from it are not provided coverage under the Medical Expenses of your Travel Insurance Policy.
However, medical repatriation which results in treatments in India are covered for a specified duration of time.
Additionally, if the insured travels against medical advice and experiences any medical emergency, such treatments would not be provided coverage.
Medical expenses incurred due to engagement in adventure sports or dangerous activities, self-inflicted injuries, involvement in unlawful activities, HIV/AIDS infection, maternity and childbirth, pre-existing conditions, mental disorders, manual work, driving without an international driving permit, etc. would also not be covered.
Along with that, non-allopathic and unproven medical treatments are also prohibited from acquiring medical coverage. The charges of treatments acquired on specially travelling for availing such medical assistance will also not be provided coverage under your Travel Insurance Policy.

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