International Travel Insurance Review | Benefits, Schengen Visa & Work Permit

An International Travel Insurance Plan provides coverage for trips taken to any of the foreign countries across the globe. Here in this blog, I shall help you understand basic benefits of an international travel insurance, why to opt for international travel insurance for schengen visa or on a work permit and how you can extend your travel insurance policy in case it gets lapsed.


Such plans can be acquired as Individual or Family Floater Plans while travelling abroad and the scope of its coverage is dependent upon the kind of policy you purchase.

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This is because different International Travel Insurance Policies offer different types of coverage benefits under them.

Although, such International Travel Insurance Policies provide some of the common coverage benefits which includes-

  1. Coverage for medical conditions involving medical treatments taken abroad
  2. Medical evacuation
  3. Medical Repatriation and Repatriation of mortal remains
  4. Dental treatments in case of emergency accidental cases
  5. Loss and/or postponement of checked-in baggage
  6. Loss of passport
  7. Accidental death and permanent disability while travelling
  8. Personal liability suffered due to injury or property damage caused to a third party
  9. Trip cancellation, curtailment or delay, etc.

Hence, to figure out the complete scope of coverage provided under your International Travel Insurance, we recommend you to read your plan’s benefit structure.

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Additionally, it is also suggested to deeply research amongst various International Travel Insurance Plans and then opt for the most suitable plan as per your coverage requirements.

International Travel Insurance on Work Permit

  1. A person travelling on an immigrant visa can buy an International Travel Insurance Plan for a limited coverage duration. This limitation is set as per the terms of the Insurance Company and is confined to 90 days or 120 days.
  2. Similarly, a limited number of coverage days are provided under International Travel Insurance to an individual travelling abroad on a work permit. This limitation is set to either 90 days or 120 days, depending upon the terms and conditions of the policy.
  3. A Foreign National is also eligible for acquiring a Travel Insurance Policy in India only if he/she is living in India based on employment purposes. Although, such people would be required to submit relevant documents related to their reason for staying in India along their Identity Proof.

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International Travel Insurance Plan Extension

It is easily possible to extend the coverage duration of your Foreign Travel Insurance Plan.

You should get in touch with the expert panel of your Insurance Company and submit the request specifying the number of days for which you want to seek the extension for.

Your Insurance Company would do an underwriting before allowing extension.

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However, you should keep in mind the following points while making an extension in your International Travel Insurance Plan-

  1. You will be asked to pay an extra premium amount on extending the coverage
  2. The extension can only be made up to the maximum coverage duration of your Travel Insurance Plan.
  3. Your Insurance Company can also deny the extension request in case a claim has already been made before making the request

Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa

Schengen Countries are 26 developed European Countries which involve Austria, Latvia, Belgium, Sweden, Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Slovenia, Iceland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Lithuania, Poland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Slovakia, Iceland, Italy and Malta.

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Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa is mandatory to be purchased while travelling to any of the 26 Schengen Countries.

Hence, these plans are International Travel Insurance Policies designed especially for individuals travelling to one or multiple Schengen Countries and are rightly applicable in all 26 countries.

If you are travelling to a Schengen country (any developed European country), it is highly recommended to select a high coverage plan such as USD 250,000 or USD 500,000.

This is because, availing medical treatments in a developed European Country involves high-costing bills.

Therefore, you should purchase a Travel Insurance Policy which offers a high sum of insurance to make sure that you have an adequate amount of coverage while travelling to a Schengen Country with your family.

Overseas Medical Insurance

For other countries apart from Schengen Countries, the policy is not mandatory. However, it is still recommended to invest in a Travel Insurance Policy as it is helpful in providing you with financial help in case you face any emergency or eventuality while you are travelling.

Contingencies such as medical illness or injury, accidental death or disablement, third party legal liability, etc. are covered under Overseas Medical Insurance Plans.

Under such emergencies, the policy covers the financial loss that you might suffer while travelling. Given that the trip is planned on a budget, a travel insurance policy helps prevent any type of financial strain which you might suffer on the trip.

Additionally, it is only compulsory to purchase a Student Travel Insurance if the concerned student is travelling to a Schengen Country for higher studies.

Apart from that, it is not mandatory to buy a Student Travel Insurance while visiting other countries.

Additionally, the requirement of a Student Travel Insurance Plan also depends on the university. If the university necessitates the need of a Student Travel Plan even in a non-Schengen country, then acquiring the plan would become necessary.

Hence, to identify if the Student Travel Insurance is needed or not, you should check your University’s specifications as well as the country to which the student will be travelling.

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International Travel Insurance FAQs

What is Pre-Existing Illness in a Travel Insurance Policy?

A Medical Illness which is suffered by the insured since or before the proposal of an International Travel Insurance Policy is called a Pre-existing illness.
Such illnesses can be treated or untreated or the proposer might be taking medical treatments for such conditions on the date of purchasing the policy.
Generally, such diseases are not provided coverage under Travel Insurance Plans. However, coverage for a pre-existing illness is offered in extremely severe cases of medical emergencies by some of the Travel Insurance Plans.

I am an OCI card holder (Overseas Citizen of India). Can I buy a Travel Insurance policy?

If you have an Indian Passport in effect and are planning to come back to India in future, you are eligible to buy an International Travel Insurance Plan as a OCI card holder.

What kinds of risks are covered under International Travel Insurance Policy?

Medical emergencies like hospitalization or treatments taken while travelling, medical evacuation and repatriation, repatriation of mortal remains, dental treatments due to accident, permanent disability or accidental death are the risk factors which are provided coverage under an International Travel Insurance Policy.
Additionally, coverage benefit is also provided for misplaced checked-in baggage by the airline, delay of checked-in baggage, loss of passport, third party liability, coverage on hijack distress, trip postponement or trip cancellation, trip curtailment, missed flight connection, urgent cash requirement, home insurance, etc.
Additionally, various add-on benefits are also offered under Travel Insurance Plans to increase its coverage scale. However, the exact set of coverage differs amongst different insurance plans.

My Travel Medical Policy has expired and I forgot to extend the same. Can I get it extended now?

It is possible to extend the tenure of your Travel Insurance Policy only when your Insurance Provider offers a grace period for its extension.
You should contact your Insurance Provider to find out if or not a coverage extension is permitted under your expired Travel Insurance Policy.
Hence, if allowed, you can make an extension in your policy within the provided grace period.