Best 5 Visitor Insurance Plans in India 2020

Travel Visitor Insurances provide coverage against various specified accidental or unpredictable risks while travelling for leisure or work to a domestic or international destination.


Such insurances provide financial protection and secures its insured from suffering a monetary strain on a trip. Given below is a list to identify who should acquire a Travel Insurance Policy-

  1. Aspiring students aged between 16 years to 35 years applying to an International University for higher education may get insured under a Travel Insurance Policy.
  2. Frequent Travellers who regularly travel domestically or internationally for leisure or business purposes.
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  3. Families travelling to domestic or international destinations for leisure should acquire Travel Insurance. Family here includes two adults aged between 18 years to 70 years and up to two dependent children aged between 6 months to 25 years.
  4. Senior Citizens aged between 60 years to 85 years travelling for leisure to any Domestic or International Destination.
  5. For complete protection, a group of individuals travelling together on a trip should also purchase a Visitor Insurance Policy.

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Travel Insurance India 2020

The sector of Travel Insurance India retains a huge variety of Visitor Insurance Policies offered in the market. We have listed below, the following 5 best plans available across India offering good coverage benefits are –

  1. Go Digit International Travel Insurance Plan
  2. Future Generali Travel Suraksha Plan
  3. Bharti AXA Smart Traveller Insurance Plan
  4. Religare Explore Insurance Plan
  5. IFFCO Tokio International Travel Insurance Plan

Hence, let’s understand in detail about the Best Travel Insurance Plan in India-

Travel Insurance PlanEligibility CriteriaScope of CoveragePlan VariantsSalient Features of the Plan
Go Digit International Travel Insurance PlanThe individual should be under 60 years of age. However, if the traveller is aged under 18 years, he/she must travel with a person whose age is above 18 years.Individual Travel Insurance; Single Trip Travel Insurance; Multi-Trip Travel Insurance  Basic option:
Provides coverage for the common emergencies suffered on a trip.Comfort option:
Along with providing coverage for common emergencies, it also provides coverage for problems like trip abandonment, emergency extension of the trip, etc.
Premium starts from Rs. 206 onlyTravelers can acquire these policies through their smartphones without doing any paperworkIt covers 216 countries and islands worldwideThe traveller’s account will automatically get credited with Rs. 500-1000 in case the flight gets delayed for 4 hours or more.
Future Generali Travel Suraksha Plan6 months to 70 years for Standard, Gold, Silver and Platinum Plan.71 to 80 years for Superior Care Plan.6 months to 70 years for Asia Individual Standard Plan.The maximum age limit for Asia Family Floater Plans is 65 years and the age of dependent children must be between 6 months to 25 years of age.Individual Travel Insurance; Family Floater Travel Insurance; Annual Multi Trip Travel InsuranceStandard PlanGold PlanSilver PlanPlatinum PlanSuperior Care PlanAsia Individual Standard PlanAsia Family Floater PlanFuture Generali has a wide chain of network hospitals across the worldOffers emergency services, medical services and travel assistance services around the worldAllows traveller to select a travel plan as per their own preferencesProvides its travellers with immediate policy issuance
Bharti AXA Smart Traveller Insurance PlanNon-Schengen Products: Traveller’s age must be between 3 months to 85 years.Schengen Products: Traveller age must be between 3 months to 60 years.This policy insures a spouse and 2 children of less than 23 years as a family floater.Annual Multi-Trip Products: Traveller’s age must be between 3 months to 70 years.This policy can be availed by followings:Indian CitizensIndia’s permanent residentsExpatriatesForeigners who are staying in India and have an employment pass or a dependent pass or a work permit.Individual Travel Insurance; Family Floater Travel Insurance Annual Visitor Insurance; Multi-Trip Travel Insurance; Schengen Travel InsuranceSchengen Products:SmartTraveller Schengen SilverSmartTraveller Schengen GoldSmartTraveller Schengen PlatinumIndividual/Family Travel Insurance Policy:SmartTraveller GoldSmartTraveller SilverSmartTraveller EssentialSmartTraveller RegularSmartTraveller BasicAnnual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance products:SmartTraveller Multi-trip SilverSmartTraveller Multi-trip GoldSmartTraveller Multi-trip PlatinumBharti Axa offers reasonable premiums.Provides coverage for loss or damage caused by burglary or fire on Traveller’s home while the traveller is on a trip abroad.It even offers travellers with emergency cash in the event of burglary, mugging or any other reasons while on a trip.
Religare Explore Insurance PlanFor Single Trip: Minimum entry age is 1 day and has no maximum limit.For Multi-trip: Minimum entry age is 1 day and maximum is 70 years.Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan is only permitted on Explore Gold and Explore Platinum Plan Options.Single trip Visitor InsuranceExplore Asia; Explore Canada; Explore Africa; Explore Europe; Explore Gold; Explore PlatinumIn case if the hospitalization of the insured surpasses 5 consecutive days and they need to be sent home, then an upgrade to business class is given to the insured as compensationProvides coverage for Emergency Dental expenses caused because of an accident on the tripCoverage is provided for the expenses incurred If the traveller’s departure is delayed for more than 12 hours due to terrorism or natural disaster
IFFCO Tokio International Travel Insurance PlanSingle Trip Travel Insurance; Multi-Trip Travel InsuranceGold 500; Gold 250; Gold 100; Silver; BronzeProvides financial aid in case of an emergency.Offers following health related coverage:Expenses related to medical or dental emergenciesTransportation expenses incurred during hospital visitsDaily hospital allowancesLoss of checked-in baggage and flight delays are also given coverage

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Visitor Insurance FAQs

Can I change my travel dates after issuance of Travel Policy?

Travel Insurance Policies allow its policyholders to make an amendment in the dates even after purchasing the policy.
You can get in touch with your insurance company for changing the travel dates.
However, making this change is only possible on providing necessary documents as evidence and considering that your trip has not yet started.
No amendments can be made if the trip has already commenced.

What would happen if I forgot to carry my Travel Insurance?

You can pay for the expenses by yourself and file a claim for repayment after coming back to India in case you forgot to carry your Travel Insurance or visitor insurance Policy and cannot recall its details.
To initiate your claim, you should get in touch with your Insurance Provider by either contacting them on their toll free number or by writing them an email.
Their claim experts would easily assist you in getting the repayment, provided that you submit all the relevant original documents of evidence for processing your claim request.

Do I need to carry the policy along with me for my visitor insurance?

Yes, for your own convenience, it is recommended to carry the policy so that you can check the policy details easily, as and when required.
You can easily find out your policy number and the contact details of your Insurance Provider and the Service Provider in case of claims for your visitor insurance.
Hence, carrying a policy is not compulsory but should be anyway done for keeping the policy details at hand.

What are the documents required for processing the refund in case of early return in visitor insurance?

A copy of your passport, Identity Proof, details of return dates mentioned on the return ticket along with the boarding pass and the policy details are the documents which will be needed for successfully processing your claim for refund in case on an early return.